Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Fight: 10 things you need to know

Two years ago, Floyd Mayweather took on Manny Pacquiao in at that time the biggest pay-per-view event in history. Mayweather won this contest and extended his undefeated record at that time to 48-0. Now here we stand just nine days away from one of the most talked about events of the summer: Mayweather Fight PPV

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Fight

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Fight

Now, this has been the fight that everyone is talking about. Floyd Mayweather has never backed down from a fight and Connor McGregor is fairly confident that the transition from the UFC to Boxing will be no issue. Here are the ten numbers you need to know before next Saturday’s fight.

3: Can Floyd Mayweather make it a perfect 50-0? Connor McGregor has three losses in his MMA career, all to submission. The fact that McGregor has never lost to a KO or TKO could benefit him in the boxing ring to take the match the full 12 rounds.

44: The two fighters coming into this bout have had 44 combined knockouts (18 for McGregor and 26 for Mayweather). Floyd Mayweather has not knocked out an opponent since Victor Ortiz in 2011 and Connor McGregor’s last fight ended with him knocking out Eddie Alvarez.

11: Floyd Mayweather is the seasoned veteran in this fight, coming in at 11 years older than McGregor. McGregor being over a decade younger could play an impact if the fight goes into the later rounds and Mayweather might not be able to dodge the haymakers that McGregor will attempt to throw.

60,000,000: Ticket sales have already eclipsed 60 million dollars with the average tickets going for just under 3,700 dollars right now. Ringside seats are quoted at approximately 10,000 dollars but have seen going as high as approximately 170,000 dollars a ticket.

89.95: Just in case you can’t afford the almost 4,000 dollar ticket, there is good news! The price of the fight is 89.95 (99.95 for HD). There also a multitude of bars and restaurants that will be charging cover to watch the fight just in case you want to pay even less for what many regard as the fight of the century.

4: Connor McGregor has been very vocal about how he believes that he will beat Floyd Mayweather inside four rounds. Many believe that McGregor will get his shot to land a haymaker on Floyd. But, the question is how many opportunities will McGregor get with Mayweather’s great agility?

8: The NSAC has approved a special exception for McGregor and Mayweather to wear eight ounce gloves instead of the traditional ten ounce gloves that are worn for fights above 147 pounds. McGregor’s gloves for MMA are weighing in at four ounces, so it will be intriguing to see if this weight change has any impact on him.

One Billion: With the predicted numbers coming into this fight for the purse, Floyd Mayweather will become the third ever athlete to gain 1 billion dollars from career earnings. The other two? Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, this is an elite group of athletes to join.

36 Minutes: Floyd Mayweather has already come out and said that he is more than happy to fight for 36 minutes in order to earn a 300 million dollar paycheck. Will McGregor have the stamina to last all 12 rounds if this fight goes the distance?

2: Connor McGregor does indeed have a two inch reach advantage at 74 inches over Mayweather’s 72. This might play a factor in having McGregor land that one big punch that some are hoping he is able to land on Floyd and knock him out.

Mayweather vs McGregor Fight can be seen on Showtime on August 26th at nine pm. It’ll be viewed by millions of people across the world and all the debates will finally be squashed when these two extraordinary athletes take the ring in just nine days to see who will come out as victor.

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